How to Pay SSS Loan Using Gcash in 2024

As you dust off your digital wallet in 2024, you might find yourself reminiscing about the days when paying your Social Security System (SSS) loan required standing in long queues and clutching paper forms. Now, with just a few taps on your smartphone, using GCash has revolutionized this once cumbersome process.

You’re about to discover how linking your SSS account to GCash not only simplifies your life but also gives you the power to manage your finances with unprecedented ease. But before you press that ‘Pay Now’ button, there are a few critical steps and tips you need to be aware of.

These pointers will ensure that your payment is not only swift but also error-free, keeping your financial obligations on track without any hitches.

So, let’s start by exploring the initial moves in this digital payment dance, and soon you’ll be mastering the choreography of effortless loan settlements.

Understanding SSS Loans

Before diving into the payment process, let’s clarify what an SSS loan is and how it functions within the spectrum of services provided by the Social Security System.

An SSS loan, particularly the SSS salary loan, is a cash loan granted to an eligible SSS member. You can use this loan for various personal needs.

To make a loan payment, it’s crucial to generate a Payment Reference Number (PRN) through the SSS website.

This PRN is unique to your SSS account and ensures your payment is accurately recorded. 

Whether you’re paying via accredited banks or through mobile platforms like GCash, having your PRN is a must.

Registering for Gcash

To begin paying your SSS loan through GCash, you’ll first need to download the app and set up your account.

Grab your mobile phone and search for the GCash App in your app store. Once you’ve installed it, start registering by providing the necessary details to create your GCash account.

After you’ve completed the registration, you’ll want to add money to your GCash balance. This can be done through online bank transfers, over-the-counter payments, or remittance centers.

With funds in your account, you’re ready to seamlessly manage transactions, including paying off your SSS loan.

It’s essential to keep an adequate balance in your GCash to ensure smooth and uninterrupted payments.

Linking SSS to Gcash

Now that you’ve set up your GCash account and funded it, you’re ready to link your SSS account to enable loan payments directly from the app.

Start by generating a PRN for your SSS loan through your My.SSS account. This number is essential to ensure your payment is properly credited to your account.

Once you have your PRN, open the GCash mobile app and look for the Pay Bills icon. Navigate to the ‘Government’ option and select SSS for your contribution type.

Enter the PRN and the amount you wish to pay. Ensure your email address is updated for payment confirmation.

After submitting, your SSS loan payment will be automatically posted, simplifying your financial management.

Generating Your PRN

Generating your Payment Reference Number (PRN) is a straightforward process that starts by logging into your My.SSS account on the SSS website.

Once you’re in, navigate to the PRN section by hovering over it, then click on ‘Contribution’ and select ‘Generate PRN.’

This is essential to ensure that you’re using the correct PRN for your Gcash payment.

Next, you’ll need to choose your membership type and the applicable period for which you’re making the payment.

After that, select the premium amount that applies to you. Once you’ve reviewed all the details, click on ‘Submit Request.’

With your PRN generated, you’re now set to proceed with your Gcash payment option. Using Gcash to settle your SSS obligations couldn’t be easier.

Navigating Gcash Payments

Having secured your PRN through MySSS, you’re ready to proceed with settling your SSS loan via the GCash app.

Here’s how to navigate the payment:

  • Open the GCash app and select Pay Bills
  • Choose Government for the biller category
  • Select SSS Contributions for the specific transaction
  • Enter the required details:
    • PRN: Input the PRN you generated via MySSS
    • Amount: Ensure you enter the exact amount due
    • Email: Provide for an electronic receipt
  • Confirm and complete your payment:
    • Review your payment details
    • Click Confirm to finish the online payment process

Once you’ve paid your SSS loan using GCash, the contribution will be automatically posted, streamlining your financial management efficiently.

Remember paying the contributions timely will help you get the right SSS pension amount.

If you want to get an estimate of your monthly retirement pension, must check the latest SSS pension calculator.

Moreover, check this latest SSS contribution table to know how much you need to contribute on a monthly basis.

Selecting the SSS Loan Option

After accessing the ‘Pay Bills’ feature in your GCash app, you’ll need to select the ‘SSS Loans – RTPL’ option to proceed with your loan payment.

This choice is crucial for ensuring your SSS loan repayment is processed correctly.

Before you begin, make sure you’ve generated your Payment Reference Number (PRN) through your MySSS account, as it’s necessary to complete the online payment.

With the PRN in hand, you’re set to pay your loan. GCash simplifies the task, allowing you to settle your monthly contribution to the SSS loan without the hassle of visiting a physical branch. 

The convenience of real-time processing ensures your payments are posted promptly, keeping your loan account up-to-date.

Inputting Payment Details

Enter your Payment Reference Number (PRN) and select ‘SSS Loans – RTPL’ as the biller to ensure your SSS loan payment is accurately recorded.

This step is crucial when managing your loan repayment through GCash. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Enter your Payment Details
    • PRN: Input the PRN generated from your MySSS account.
    • Biller: Choose ‘SSS Loans – RTPL’ from the list.
    • Loan Details: Provide the correct amount and period.

Double-check the total amount and loan details before confirming the transaction. It’s important to ensure everything matches your SSS loan records.

Use the SSS contribution calculator for quick and precise computations.

After submitting your payment through the GCash online banking platform, keep the email confirmation for your records.

This will be handy for any future inquiries or proof of payment.

Confirming Your Transaction

Once you’ve completed your payment, confirming the transaction is crucial to ensure your SSS loan is properly credited.

You’ll need to check for a confirmation message from both SSS and GCash, which verifies the success of your payment.

If there’s any discrepancy or issue, you should immediately contact customer support to get it resolved.

Transaction Confirmation Steps

Confirm your SSS loan payment through GCash by checking for a digital receipt in your app’s transaction history.

This is a critical part of the transaction confirmation steps to ensure your loan payments are properly processed.

Here’s how to verify your transaction:

  • Check your GCash transaction history.
  • Look for the recent SSS loan payment entry.
  • Confirm the details, such as the date and amount.
  • Await a confirmation message in real time.
  • A pop-up notification should appear in the app.
  • An SMS may also be sent to your registered number.
  • Expect to receive an email.
  • GCash will send a digital receipt to your email.
  • Ensure that the email matches the transaction details in your app.

Verifying Payment Success

Having checked the GCash app for a digital receipt, you’ll also want to ensure that the SSS has recorded your loan payment correctly.

To confirm this, enter your email associated with your SSS account and look for a confirmation message after you send your payment.

Make sure the payment reference number (PRN) is included in this email to verify the transaction’s validity.

Next, log into your My.SSS account to review your transaction history. You should see your recent SSS monthly loan payment listed there.

If it’s not, or if you haven’t received an email confirmation, reach out to SSS customer service without delay.

Tracking Payment Status

To ensure your SSS loan payment has been processed, log in to your My.SSS account and visit the loan account section to check the status.

Here’s how you can keep tabs on your payment:

  • Online Verification
    • Look for the ‘Paid PRN’ section for successful postings.
    • Have your Payment Reference Number (PRN) handy for accurate tracking.
  • Email Notifications
    • Check the email address linked to your SSS account for confirmation messages.
    • Save these emails for your records.
  • Customer Support
    • If issues arise, use your mobile number to contact SSS directly.
    • They’ll assist you in resolving any concerns with your loan payment.

Always pay attention to these details to stay informed about your loan payment status.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

When you encounter issues with your SSS loan payment through GCash, it’s essential to pinpoint and resolve them promptly to ensure your account reflects the correct payment status.

As an SSS member, you must pay using the provided PRN for SSS loans. If you’re unable to pay, check if the PRN is correct and valid.

During the payment process, Step 3: Select ‘SSS Loans’ should be available; if it’s not, make sure you’re using the latest version of the app.

For non-posting of payments, verify your transaction history and confirm with SSS that your payment has been received.


In a twist of fate, you’ve mastered the seamless process of paying your SSS loan with just a few taps in GCash.

You’ve linked your accounts, generated your PRN, and breezed through payments without ever stepping foot outside.

As you confirm your transaction, you’re in sync with the modern rhythm of convenience. Keep track of your status and rest easy knowing you’ve got the beat of this digital efficiency.

Troubles? They’re just a step away from a solution.

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