GGives: Revolutionizing Digital Payments with GCash in 2023

Launched in 2022, GGives represents an exciting new chapter in financial services for the millions of Filipinos who use GCash. By integrating convenient short-term credit options within GCash’s popular mobile wallet app, GGives makes borrowing and financing instantly accessible at your fingertips.

This frictionless experience provides expanded financial capabilities without ever having to leave the GCash ecosystem. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the key features of GGives, how it enhances the GCash platform, and what the future may hold for this innovative offering.

What is GGives?

GGives is a new service integrated into the popular GCash mobile wallet app in the Philippines. Launched in 2022 by GCash and Credit Saison Co. Ltd, GGives allows GCash users to easily access cashless payment services and short-term financing right within the app.

GGives leverages GCash’s large existing user base and digital payment infrastructure to provide innovative financial services. By linking to a user’s GCash account, GGives can facilitate instant approvals for financing, cashless payments at partner merchants, and flexible payment plans tailored to an individual’s needs.

The seamless connection between GGives and GCash creates a frictionless experience for accessing expanded financial services through a platform millions of Filipinos already use and trust daily.

How Does GGives Enhance Your GCash Experience?

GGives is deeply integrated with the GCash app, providing a smooth user experience. Once signed up for GGives, users can access its features directly within GCash, with no need to toggle between separate apps.

Key highlights of how GGives improves upon the standard GCash experience include:

  • Instant access to short-term financing right in the GCash workflows. Apply for a GGives credit line and receive funds immediately.
  • Exclusive discounts and payment plans at leading merchants throughout the Philippines. GGives partners offer special incentives.
  • Personalized deals and recommendations based on purchase history and location. The app intelligently suggests relevant offers.
  • Interest-free installment plans for large purchases. Break up payments over time with flexible options.

By incorporating these enhancements within the familiar GCash interface, GGives makes elevated financial capabilities available to millions of Filipinos at their fingertips.

The Convenience of Cashless Transactions with GGives

One of the biggest advantages of GGives is the ability to facilitate cashless transactions and payments with merchants. The entire process is designed to be quick, easy, and user-friendly.

  • Smooth in-app interface. Intuitive menus and payment flows make completing transactions simple.
  • Pay on-the-go. With the mobile app, users can checkout and make purchases wherever they are, eliminating the need for cash.
  • Digital receipts and order tracking. All transaction history and details are available in-app for convenience.

For frequent GCash users already accustomed to digital payments, GGives takes that cashless convenience even further with perks like installment plans. By integrating seamlessly into the GCash mobile experience, GGives makes paying digitally easier than ever.

Exploring the Security Measures of GGives

With any digital financial service, security is a top concern. GGives utilizes a multilayered security approach to keep user accounts and information safe.

  • Bank-grade encryption. Financial data and transactions are encrypted end-to-end.
  • Secure login via GCash. Users sign in with their trusted GCash credentials.
  • Regular audits and penetration testing. Ongoing reviews ensure protections meet industry standards.

Many early users highlight GGives’ security measures as a key benefit. With protocols and policies implemented by its partner financial institutions, users can feel confident their data is secure. As an extension of GCash, GGives upholds the same stringent security principles Filipinos have come to expect.

GGives for Business: A New Avenue for Merchants

For merchants throughout the Philippines, partnering with GGives represents an exciting opportunity to access a new segment of customers. By offering special deals, discounts, and installment plans through GGives, businesses can draw in new shoppers.

  • Easy signup process. GGives helps merchants integrate with minimal effort required.
  • Attractive customer incentives. Interest-free installment plans incentivize larger purchases from customers.
  • Digital payments ecosystem. Cashless transactions facilitate faster checkout and purchasing.

Early partners highlight how working with GGives has expanded their potential customer base and enabled higher average order values. As more businesses join the platform, GGives aims to become a go-to destination for digital deals.

The Flexibility of Payments with GGives

Unlike traditional credit options, GGives offers adaptable payment plans tailored to each user’s needs. Customizing payment schedules adds flexibility when managing finances.

  • Pay over time in installments. Eligible purchases can be divided into equal monthly payments.
  • Adjust payment dates. Users can shift due dates to better align with their budget and pay schedule.
  • Partial early repayment. Extra funds can be put toward an outstanding balance at any time.

By empowering users to adjust repayment on their own terms, GGives provides more adaptable financial options relative to typical credit cards or loans. The flexibility helps users take control of payments.

GGives vs. Traditional Credit: Which Wins?

When compared to traditional credit options, GGives has a number of compelling advantages for many consumers. However, standard credit cards or loans may still represent the optimal choice depending on individual circumstances and needs.

Key advantages of GGives:

  • No paperwork or long approval process – instant access right within GCash
  • Lower fees and interest rates compared to credit cards
  • More flexible repayment plans and options

However, traditional credit may be better for:

  • Larger loan amounts above GGives limits
  • Establishing long-term credit history
  • Access to card benefits like sign-up bonuses, rewards points, etc.

By clearly understanding their own financial profile, consumers can determine if the convenience and flexibility of GGives or the structure of traditional credit options better serves their needs.

Navigating the GGives App: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ready to start using GGives? Here is a quick step-by-step guide to get started:

  1. Download the latest version of the GCash app if you don’t already have it.
  2. Open GCash and navigate to the “Loans” section.
  3. Click the GGives banner and then “Apply Now”.
  4. Review and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  5. Verify your identity by scanning your government ID.
  6. Review your personalized loan offers from GGives and select your preferred option.
  7. Digitally sign your selected loan agreement.
  8. Loan proceeds will instantly be credited to your GCash wallet for use.

The application process is designed to be quick and intuitive. Within minutes, you can access GGives’ features and financing options right from GCash.

Real Users, Real Stories: Testimonials on GGives

Since launching, GGives has received very positive feedback from users highlighting how the service has enhanced their financial experiences. Some examples:

“I used GGives to split my phone purchase into 6 months of payments. It lets me afford a better phone than I could paying upfront.” – Jen T., Manila

“Rather than put tuition on a credit card with high interest, I was able to pay it off slowly with GGives. Very affordable option.” – Marco P., Davao City

“I like having the option to repay early or shift my due dates around when I have extra cash. GGives is flexible to my situation.” – Ana R., Cebu City

The stories showcase how real Filipinos are already using GGives to improve financial control and flexibility in their daily lives. Users appreciate the intuitive mobile experience.

The Future of GGives: What’s Next for GCash Users?

While still early in its rollout, GGives has ambitious plans to expand access and capabilities for GCash users over time.

Some upcoming developments that may be anticipated include:

  • Additional merchant partners – More brands and retailers offering GGives installment plans
  • Expanded loan products – New lending options tailored to more use cases
  • Credit line increases – Larger credit limits for qualified borrowers
  • Integration with GLife – Unified financial services platform encompassing savings, credit, insurance and more

The future looks bright for GGives to enhance financial services and become an integral part of the GCash digital finance ecosystem. Empowering more Filipinos with flexible digital borrowing options remains the core focus going forward.


Q: Is GGives available to all GCash users?

A: GGives is currently rolling out in phases. Availability depends on your GCash account standing and credit profile. Over time, it will expand to more users.

Q: How is GGives different from a credit card?

A: GGives offers more flexible repayment options tailored to your needs. There are also no complex requirements or long applications like traditional credit cards.

Q: Can I use GGives to pay at any merchant or store?

A: Currently, GGives installment plans and discounts are limited to official partner merchants. But you can use GGives loan proceeds however you wish.

Q: Is my data secure when using GGives?

A: Yes, GGives utilizes bank-grade encryption and data protection standards to keep your information secure.


GGives represents an exciting evolution in digital financial services for GCash users across the Philippines. By integrating convenient borrowing, flexible payments, and personalized deals within the super app experience, GGives makes elevated financial capabilities accessible to millions of Filipinos nationwide. As the service expands in scale and capabilities over time, GGives is positioned to become an indispensable component of the GCash ecosystem.

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